Best Retail Management Software 2023 Reviews & Pricing

This software is an excellent option for any business that needs a POS system that can also handle stock inventory. The basic account’s features are not as limited as other POS system software alternatives, which makes ShopKeepgreat to get started with. RightControl is a reliable and straightforward retail inventory software. This retail inventory management software is only available using personal computers, with a software design common to popular business software systems.

Custom sales allow you to create custom line items and set the price to anything you like. Customer profiles allow you to automatically create profiles with new orders. Customer profiles can also help you learn more about customers and their shopping habits and find customer contact information and order histories at a glance. Inventory tracking informs you if you have enough stock in your store and other branches. According to Global Market Insights, the size of the worldwide retail POS market in 2015 exceeded $14 billion. The industry is projected to grow at an annual rate of 14% from 2016 through 2024.

Payment processing software connects ecommerce sites via a virtual terminal with other payment systems that accept credit cards and other payment methods. Payment processing software provides a secure platform where users can add their card or bank details and communicates with the financial institutions that approve or reject transactions. FreshBooks and Xero are two great examples of payment processing software.

What is retail software example

Retail-tailored software means you’ll have all the core functionality you need to efficiently run your business, avoiding the extra time and money spent on customized integrations. Using Brightpearl’s CRM, Evolve Beauty was able to perform tasks in batches, saving precious time previously spent identifying and emailing customers with targeted messages. Customers could now be “tracked, tagged, emailed, and updated” in next to no time. They said goodbye to manually entering details into spreadsheets to track items, and turned to Brightpearl to help them identify live stock items. Being able to quickly see what’s being sold – and who is buying – in real-time, has helped boost efficiencies in terms of fulfillment and dispatch. Having instant access to data in the POS means you can complete all customer journeys in-store.

Brightpearl: A comprehensive retail software solution

Brightpearl’s POS software solution enables you to elevate your customers’ experience, too. For example, you can provide customers with a range of in-store services, instantly, such as issuing gift cards, refunds, or sales credits – as well as creating automated email receipts. You can also check stock availability at other locations while customers are waiting in-store. Retail management software eliminates much of the grueling time spent completing tedious manual processes. This gives you time back to spend deepening relationships with customers, monitoring and training employees and optimizing inventory and business performance.

  • Brightpearl’s CRM enables you to track, tag, email, and update data quickly, streamlining the sales process and boosting lead generation efforts.
  • If you want to run a successful retail business today, you have to connect with your customers when and how they want.
  • Fulfill customer demand for products across sales channels, and improve your business’s productivity and profitability.
  • Having a deep insight into customer behavior is the foundation of a good CRM retail program.
  • Accept online returns and process orders on the go with iVend’s mobile POS.
  • This is done by optimizing operational processes ranging from procurement to sales and back-office functions.

A POS transaction may occur in person or online, with receipts generated either in print or electronically. Cloud-based POS systems are becoming increasingly popular among merchants. Timothy Li is a consultant, accountant, and finance manager with an MBA from USC and over 15 years of corporate finance experience. Timothy has helped provide CEOs and CFOs with deep-dive analytics, providing beautiful stories behind the numbers, graphs, and financial models.


Some of the most popular retail management softwares are iQmetrix, Springboard Retail, Dynamics RMS, Retail Pro, NetSuite RMS, LS Nav, and ChainDrive. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing retail management software. Therefore, it’s critical to consider your budget and requirements before selecting a retail software solution.

A POS system makes the checkout experience easier for you and your customers, reducing the time it takes to ring up a sale and the risk of human error, such as miscalculations. Restaurant POS systems, for example, are very different from retail POS systems and not typically compatible with the needs of a retail environment. The wrong POS system could waste significant time and money for your business – and require your staff to figure out workarounds that make the whole process confusing and inefficient.

What is retail software example

Omnichannel retail systems are digital commerce solutions focusing on both online and offline sales. They provide synchronization and traceability across all touchpoints, be it a website, a mobile application, or a real store. In the digital age, retail stores have to deliver exceptional customer experiences to remain competitive. It’s essential to manage all store processes and automate numerous manual operations effectively.

Common Features of Retail Software

The software plans start at $99 per month, with flat-rate credit card processing fees. Revel also integrates with third-party payment processors like First Data, Heartland and Worldpay. GoDaddy is known for offering custom domains and websites, and it integrates these features with its POS plans. Every plan includes a website builder, custom domain, and detailed website and marketing analytics. The system makes it easy to track your inventory levels and table turnover and to create customer accounts. If you run out of a certain food item, you can use the software to communicate recipe changes to cooks and servers.

With Brghtpearl automation you can process more orders in less time, with fulfillment, shipping, inventory allocation, and invoicing all covered. This means you can concentrate on your exceptional orders and suppliers or the customers that demand your attention most. In order for your ecommerce business to operate at maximum efficiency, it’s worth considering investing in a comprehensive retail management system. From accounting software to warehouse management, all can all work together as part of a complete retail management ecosystem.

Boost profitability with a single, enterprise-wide inventory pool. Do some quick research, decide on two you want to check out, and use these questions as you balance the features you need with the cost and convenience you want. Much like when looking for a new doctor, many people rely on their contacts for a recommendation before jumping in to find a new one.

With this in mind, you can either choose an out-of-the-box solution or decide on custom development. Since the system can be deployed anywhere, you should retail software be guided by your company’s needs and budget. You will be able to obtain valid references from peer companies and learn from their experience.

What Is POS Software and Why Do Retailers Need It?

Without a straightforward system, businesses are essentially directing customers right towards their competitors. E3 Retail has enabled Best Buy’s staff to painlessly access its POS system across multiple devices. Whether its a mobile tablet, kiosk, or POS register, staff are always equipped to quickly serve customers around the store. The Lexer Customer Data Platform serves as your all-in-one hub for insight-driven marketing, sales, and service. With an enriched single customer view, maintained in real-time and accessible across all platforms, you can genuinely engage customers and drive profitable growth. However, one drawback is that consumers are locked onto the free POS software’s payment processing.

What is retail software example

Let’s start with a quick overview of these key retail software features. As a medium retail business owner, your aim should be to make your sales process more productive and efficient. If you have multiple stores, a retail management or retail ERP system could be an ideal pick for you. If you have a single store and warehouse, you can also go for a POS system.

Retail POS Software

With it, sales reps and their customers can place orders on any device, anywhere, anytime. A professional and security-oriented programmer having more than 6 years of experience in designing, implementing, testing and supporting mobile apps developed. Being techno-geek, I love to read & share about the latest updates in technology including but not limited to IoTs, AI, application development, etc. In my free time, I like to play football, watch movies and explore new places.

Access to a full customer audit trail and order history allows a company to work efficiently with its wholesale clients and build lasting relationships with them. A return feature creates returns with ease, giving the option to print receipts with scannable barcodes to speed up the process. With on-premise software, you need to purchase a license for the software and install it on a computer system or server. Reporting provides smart financial reports and budgets to understand and track what matters most.

Retail accounting for inventory control, transaction monitoring, and pricing. Transportation management to track deliveries and also chain store management. Retail billing management to optimize store performance and increase productivity. RightControl is for intermediate users that are used to older software. This is recommended for small and medium-sized businesses due to the pricing and limited locations. This system can’t be integrated with other software as well, which is a requirement for most large companies or established businesses.

Best Retail Software for Your Business in 2023

Details on the new product, which will be offered through American Express, are forthcoming. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace. POS systems are increasingly interactive, particularly in the hospitality industry, and allow customers to place orders and reservations and pay bills electronically.

Rain Retail Software

The cost of a retail management system depends on the included modules and deployment type. Some vendors offer pre-configured subscriptions that integrate with similar products. RMS can be deployed either through cloud or on-premise solutions, and often include hardware generally available via perpetual licensing. The Epicor Eagle N Series is Epicor’s present comprehensive retail software system built around features such as multichannel sales, a point-of-sale system, and inventory and merchandising management. Customer data management plays a significant role in customer relationship management.

Additionally, as the system is easy to use and maintain, and allows for new applications in the future, the company has plenty of room to evolve. No matter what your business does, you’ll need to make sure your workspace is fully equipped to handle your workflow. Products like phone systems, photocopiers, security systems, and even coffee machines, can ensure your business runs as smooth as possible. “Having all our data linked… has helped us to become more data-centric in our decision making. It’s so powerful to be able to do the customer research, segmentation and activation within a single tool.” Click here to learn the top 15 reasons customers choose Lexer as their preferred CDP partner and vendor. You can opt for a deluxe POS with more analytics capabilities than you thought possible, or you can choose a simpler system.

Employee Management

Lightspeed supports relatively few third-party payment processors. Its focus on retail extends to e-commerce, with Lightspeed eCom and ShopKeep facilitating online transactions. It’s an all-in-one platform for restaurant owners to manage their businesses.

Entering details of customers and their addresses might be time-consuming. Customers might not like to wait, hence they might not furnish complete information. This ERP once understood perfectly then gets familiar and very easy to use to its clients. For using this ERP or to get habitual to it, it’s users need to have some basic understanding of an ERP. Supported Software means the supported software identified in the Proposal. System means the designated information technology environment in which the Software is to be used.

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